Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's Goody Bore Day!

So, she's dead. I don't want to hear about it ALL DAY TODAY PLEASE! There are other things happening in the world, but if you switch any news channel on, Goody is all you'll get!


  1. Can't stop to comment just now Darling, I have to go and get dressed, collect flowers, write a placard, cry a bit, practice throwing flowers, find my place at the barricades alongside the A1 ready for the funeral procession some time next week - heck, I'll need a tent I suppose. Do you think they'll declare a National week of moaning?

    The media is as sick as politics. Has The Queen made a statement yet? Can Jade be made a Dame posthumously? Hasn't Trafalgar Square got a spare plinth or something for a statue?

    My very genuine sympathies to her children (only). Now, let's get them into a (decent) care home, her violent husband into jail where he belongs, her mother back on the gutter side of the velvet rope again, give a doff of the hat to all others who have unfortunately coincidentally lost people this weekend who WEREN'T violent gobshite chavs and, oh yes - let's get the veggies ready for lunch.

    Oh - and if somebody's in the area and has time could they, oh - how did Grandma used to put it? Oh yes - could they twat the collective British media for us please?

  2. It certainly has been milked to death.

    I couldn't stand her when she was alive and I am totally indifferent to her death. I am not interested in thick chav slags!

    With all the media attention she was receiving, pity we couldn't teach her to say "Call a General Election Gordon", we might be on the path to succeeding by now.

    She represents the ultimate failure of social engineering and labour education in the new Dark Age!

  3. I shall be fascinated to observe how Hubby and the kids go from here.

  4. Oldrightie. It's been on the news all day today. I am sick to death of it. I was never interested in them and I'm still not the least curious about what happens to them!

  5. The Australian, Melbourne Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph (the Sydney one, not the British one),, ABC Online and The Age all covering Jade bloody Goody. I'm amazed anyone here has a clue who she is apart from the ex-pats. Or is it because nearly all of those are owned by Rupert Murdoch? Or just lazy journos who cut and paste whatever the BBC are doing?