Sunday, 29 March 2009

Eventful Week Ahead

I'm back blogging. I had a nice few hours off and enjoyed some fabulous weather today. Mr Muffled is on his flight back to London and I am preparing for an eventful week in politics and work.

Mr Muffled brought me back a present this weekend, it's Eamonn Butler's Book "The Rotten State of Britain" so be prepared for some quotes out of it during the next few weeks.

I am convinced this week is the beginning of the end of our nightmare.

I am extremely delighted at being part of this bloggers community to document, and be a witness to, probably quite an historic few weeks.

We should never let future generations forget how bad things really got under THIS Labour Government!


  1. I am sure that you have a few things to say on the now aptly titled "wankgate" saga doing the rounds at the moment.

    Mind married to her I can understand his turning to grumble flicks, although he should at least pay for his own.

  2. I am so with you on that Sue. I reckon this week will (hopefully) be one of the most important in our recent history. As long at the Quango's, Fake Charities and what not don't fuck it right up for the man on the street. I am so glad I started my Blog. I hope you are right about this week being the beginning of the end.
    Mummy x

  3. Wankfest covered on the Jacqui site although I will have to improve the artwork!

    If riots occur, it can still backfire on Brown, after all, who can blame people?

  4. Joy to the world, if this lot get their just desserts. However Lord Brown will be soon at the trough, sadly.

  5. And I look forward to reading your informed, intelligent and extremely entertaining commentaries. Bravo! Keep up the gr8 work :-)

  6. Hope you enjoyed your break!