Monday, 16 March 2009

Britons want jobless immigrants to leave

It's understandable that people are beginning to feel resentment. It must however be understood that the blame for this mess lies squarely at the feet of the Labour Party. In allowing "all and sundry non EU" immigrants in by the thousands and by losing control of our borders to illegals and asylum seekers the British now want all immigration stopped.

It's a real shame as the EU could have been a good community for us to coexist in if things hadn't become so corrupt within it and within our own borders!


  1. It would save us billions in benefits!
    You're busy today, Sue, are you much better after your flu? Great as ever, even when poorly!

  2. I'm having an angry day but feeling much better thank you :)x

  3. You're very kind about my mental rants!