Thursday, 12 February 2009

Totally Bizarre

The news of Nadya Suleman aged 33 having octuplets seemed a special event for celebration in the World when it happened, until it was revealed that this woman is single and already has 6 children, all conceived by invitro fertilisation. 

She is now in hiding because of death threats. This woman is divorced and has lived with her parents for several years. Three of her children are disabled and she collects nearly $500 (347.75 pounds) a month in food stamps.

I marvel at the brilliance of doctors who have made these things possible. It's a heavenly light to childless couples but to allow this lady to continue having babies like this, is not ethical! Although this is in the United States, it is not within the realms of impossibility of it happenng in the UK with the loonie left righteous in charge!

The thought of having 6 children totally exhausts me, to want more without a sufficient income and partner to assist (and/or several nannies) has to be insanity! Weren't there any psychiatrists questioning this at the time?

I don't condone the death threats obviously, but I can understand why people are pissed off!

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  2. I love that song but the thought of having 14 children still disturbs me :)

  3. Yup, I believe this whole affair smacks of Nazi style experimentation.

  4. Did you see the size of her stomach in the Daily Mail? It looked grotesque and I think pregnant women look lovely normally!