Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Total Politics

It seems I have been added to the "Total Politics" Political Blog Directory

I am very flattered but hardly deserving. I am only really just venting anger and have no expertise on the subject.


  1. Thank you, as I said, I'm not really qualified. I just have a rant now and then :)

  2. Congratulations Sue! I'm green with envy. Okay, I'm a conservative, so I must have jaundice to turn green, but well done. They are great rants.

    And thanks for the Citizens and Neighbours plug.
    It's early days yet, but with a little encouragement I think it might prove to be of use.

    Well done again, and raise the glass if vino high to yourself and I shall toast MV and all its rants with rough English ale - in a freezing English pub at 22.00 GMT.