Thursday, 26 February 2009

I need cheering up!

For all those despairing of the state of our once proud, noble country before Labour got it's hands on it. 

In 11 short years, one political party has managed to destroy what took our forefathers hundreds of years to build. Now that is truly GOBSMACKING!

Last night at the Proms 1993 (Pre Labour Fuckup).
I want my England back :(


  1. How right you are Sue.
    Exactly how I feel.
    Comprehensively fucking mugged.

  2. I suspect we number among millions. I hope we get a fair election to stop this nightmare but I worry the scum will rig that. After all it is looking like Glenrothes was a very successful dry run.
    Still, we have the blogosphere for now and it is a goodish weapon.
    Sue, you're gonna be down for a while with this flu. Just go with the flow and when you are fully recovered your shotgun blog will be recharged nicely. Both barrels!
    great clip, too.

  3. Gave me goosepimples when everyone stood up to sing.

    Blogosphere's very quiet...