Monday, 2 February 2009

Carol Vorderman

The Conservatives would do well to drop Ms Vorderman in their maths campaign. Carol Vorderman is one of those personalities that cashed in on peoples debt misery for the sake of a few bob for herself. People trusted her and got loans they couldn't afford! 

I thought lending her name and reputation to the First Plus Advert Campaign was shameful and showed a complete lack of integrity! There will be others that don't remember her fondly!



  1. Hi, Suzy, baby, you have a mention in Dale's new blogs!
    As for this subject, we need all the help we can get. CV is still well thought of by the C+ floating voters and might make a contribution. I hate the loan shark companies, great financial supporters of Peter Hain, for a start. However there are rare but important times when borrowing or consolidation can work. Very, very rare that it can but it is a possibility. Just needs an ethical approach that, sadly, has been all but wiped out of Western culture.

  2. I just can't stand her, sorry :(

  3. Perhaps it's a woman thing then.

    I am an engineer too but don't go round telling everyone how good I am!

  4. If Mrs Rightie feels the same, then perhaps The Conservatives should note that she may only be popular with men.. for obvious reasons of course!