Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Anti Gay Rally

No one seems to have touched on this news story yet. It's a difficult one to discuss in view of the free speech issues we have been having. 

It's covered in depth in "The Independent"

I have had lots of gay friends, a few of them close friends and I'm sure they would be hurt by this sort of display of hatred (they have to put up with enough crap as it is), but I am also pro free speech! I know what most of them would say, "Just ignore them Sue"... but I can't... it makes me angry that my sweet friend's feelings are hurt!

Why can't people just have good manners these days and not do stuff like this in the first place? As far as I am concerned, it is they that have the problem!

I can understand when people demonstrate against abortion, terrorism, war and jobs but why do they have to purposely demonstrate against a group of human beings that are simply trying to live their lives, just as we all are? There are some attitudes that decency just shouldn't allow and this is one of them. 

If the British Government are banning people like Geert Wilders, they should have absolutely no hesitation in banning these people. They are a nasty, spiteful, homophobic bunch of nutters as far as I am concerned!


  1. There is no dnying, that that denomination looks pretty sick. there's free speech and there's inciting hatred.

    How can anyone truly stand there saying 'God hates fags' and believe it to be true?

  2. The rant of this behaviour immediately devalues it. Move on and above my dear gang!

  3. Sick bastards then are not welcome, I'm sure we all agree!

  4. These people are a tiny, extremist minority and are pretty often quoted by Leftist and Dhimmi press and their stooges to show that Christians hate homosexuals too - whenever people like us discuss the state murder of homosexuals in Islamic countries such as Iran.
    This is, I think, why the Independent refers to them.

    Of course, distasteful and pointless as their opinions and activities are, they don't appear to have killed anyone - let alone the thousands of dead Iranian gay people under the Islamists.

    So they're rude, nutty barm-pots, no doubt - but they're what our appeasing Leftist masters use to smear Christians and other religious who oppose Islamism on human rights grounds - 'Look,' the say 'Christians want to kill gays too.'

    The freedom-loving Right has bigger fish to fry than Westboro Baptists, I think