Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Another £400,000 of YOUR money wasted

Please don't hate us!

What the Fuck,! How pathetic are we getting?

"Prominent British Muslims are being recruited to star in a government-backed advertising campaign aimed at preventing people in Pakistan from engaging in extremist activity, the Guardian has learned.

The three-month public relations offensive, called I Am the West, consists of television commercials and high-profile events in regions such as Peshawar and Mirpur. It is being funded by the Foreign Office which is paying up to £400,000 for a pilot project.

Starring in the first three adverts are Sadiq Khan, (racist extraordinare) the communities minister, Jehangir Malik, the UK manager of Islamic Relief, English cricketer Moeen Ali and the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Chaudry Abdul Rashid, who is from Mirpur. Mirpuris represent around 70% of Britain's Pakistani population"

Added to the colossal (£52.5 million) that "our Jacks" has already spent on trying to bring young terrorists "back from the dark side"  you would thnk they'd realise they're wasting taxpayers money by now and it could be better spent on helping British families in the credit crisis! By the way, this is part of a the PREVENT PROGRAMME that is costing the British Taxpayer £86 million!!!

Only one way to deal with terrorists and  thugs, proper sentences, deportations and loss of human rights!


  1. Heavy but accurate post. Please have an election. Mind you one glimmer in the darkness is Snotty's gang on 28% again. With any luck it'll be below 20% soon.

  2. I'm sick and tired of ours and every other government bowing down to snivelling, wailing, whinging, whining muslims. They get on my tits!

    We have so many wonderful people and a diversity of cultures and religions in the UK (Buddists, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovahs, Jews and Pagans) and none of them moan or expect special treatment like the Muslims. Why do they think they deserve more than others?