Tuesday, 17 February 2009

And the Winner is?

Just had a quick look at the papers.. and I couldn't believe my eyes. WTF is going on? Have taste, decency and a sense of what's right  and wrong completely disappeared? 

Are we actually living on JERRY SPRINGER PLANET? Has The Telegraph completely lost it's marbles?

Cashing in on birth and death, those moments in life that should be private and between families has been become a circus act. In days of old, we displayed people with birth defects as interesting or amusing freaks in a sideshow. Have we gone back in time? 

This is the ultimate in bad taste... 

Is the rest of the world like this, or is it only the UK? I'm fucked if I know whats happening!


  1. Strangely enough someone was saying to me how this whole story had something of a Jerry Springer tale about it.

  2. It's just not healthy. We have lost all sense of decorum!