Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Scumbag Hostels

ClearSprings have just released the somewhat vague postcodes of their new "Bail Hostels". These hostels will house the usual charming array of drug addicts, thieves, muggers and general non-pleasant characters who are either awaiting trial or are convicts on early release.

The thought that they are housing this "lumpenproletariat" in the streets where people with children live is abhorrent to me. Families in Lewisham in London have already been threatened by residents and syringes have been found in the vicinity. The families there are now too apprehensive to let their children out to play. Tell me, what stupid f*ckface thought this bright idea up?


Ms Smith and Mr Straw, there is one near where my daughter and granddaughter live, if anything happens to them as a consequence, you will suffer the consequences of an angry mother.. and hell hath no fury....