Monday, 26 January 2009


"The day of individual happiness has passed"
Adolf Hitler


  1. Great post, Sue. I'm new to this but feel that there is a lot of valuable material out here that is deserving of a wider audience, such as this. However, I also feel that if you keep at it then one day something will produce the reaction we all seek by blogging against these people!

  2. I think you can leave out the 'individual'...

    What always occues to me about the Nazis is whatever else you say about them, they had good uniforms. Even Gordon looks quite stylish in one!

  3. I agree, we need to stick at this, we can't give up. We are a force together this way.

    The uniforms are kind of sexy... :) must be the leather.

    My mums family are German, some of whom fought and died for the resistance.

    I feel I have a responsibility to fight this, as we all do.