Friday, 30 January 2009

Karen Matthews get £1 million makeover!

I couldn't quite believe this story in The Express. Apparently, it is assumed that when this moron gets out of prison (when she's bored playing with her playstation games of course), that she will be persecuted for using her daughter to extort money.

"Police believe that it would be impossible for her to resume her life on release because her fellow inmates would tip off the media. 

Instead, plans have been drawn up to take her abroad for up to three months. 

She would be trained to use a new name while being given advice on how to change her appearance.

She would then be taken secretly back to Britain to a new home, paid for by the taxpayer and within a 100-mile radius of her former house in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Matthews, who allowed Shannon to be “kidnapped” for 24 days by oddball Mick Donovan to extract a £50,000 newspaper reward, is even now being involved in discussions about her future.

Police accept there is no chance of her returning to Dewsbury Moor but it is accepted that she would like to remain within a two-hour drive of the area because she knows many people still prepared to support her"

Unbelievable, I'm presuming that's taxpayers money. 

Loving Grandparents have their grandchildren taken away because they are too old and Karen Matthews gets a £1 million holiday abroad and makeover.

I'm fucking gobsmacked!


  1. No easy answers, I'm afraid...

    Perhaps the Media should be made to pay for it?

  2. It wouldn't happen here. She would have move (she would have to pay).

    People don't believe me when I say that it's mostly the UK that do this sort of thing, Spain certainly doesn't.

  3. "she knows many people still prepared to support her"

    That's depressing if true.

  4. Now I may have this wrong, but I assumed that her life consisted of sitting on her arse, smoking fags and shagging.

    Quite why does she need a makeover to resume that life?