Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Morrisons are creating new jobs! WOW, now all those university graduates with useless degrees can get work experience at Morrisons, learning "retail craft food skills"... yes, you too can enter the "Fresh Food Academy".

Alternatively, you can sell complete crap at Poundland!

This is the governments new work creation scheme.

What happened to technology, science, research? 

Oh yes, that;s right, this generation are educated morons!


  1. Bet they can tell a racist from a cultural imperialist blindfolded at a rave, though, which is a useful skill whilst waiting for the Chinese and Saudis to buy your employer.

    Thank goodness for progressive education.

  2. Hi North Northwester! Just read some of your highly amusing blog :)

    I despair of our educational system and social mobility is just going to make things worse.

    Government needs to keep it's nose out of anything it knows nothing about!