Tuesday, 6 January 2009

An Abuse of the Asylum System

The Daily Mail is reporting on a woman from Pakistan who is seeking asylum from "being too tall".... unbelievable!

This woman has already sponged off the taxpayer for two and half years with free housing, benefits and free medical care. Yet she is a celebrity in her hometown of Mandi Rijana and is treated as such.

This is a clear abuse of the asylum system and our hospitality! Of course she doesn't want to go back to her village in Pakistan, she is handed everything on a plate in the UK. This sort of thing makes my blood boil when there are genuine people applying and perhaps not succeeding!

Send the fraudlent woman back to Pakistan and stop this fucking madness!


  1. Send her back, never happen not in El Gordos "Cool Britannia"

    She has the cards of being oppressed, asian, moslem, a woman and also a disability. When it comes to victimhood poker she has a full hand.

  2. She is NOT a genuine asylum seeker in my opinion. This is one of the reasons I left the UK. A kind of protest at having to pay taxes for this. I'd rather pay mine to the Spanish government. They're not perfect, but we don't have Stasi bin police and all the other crap you have to live with in the UK.