Thursday, 27 November 2008

I'm not going to shut up.

I am not going to shut up, I refuse to. I have had enough! Like many others, I feel as though my very thoughts have been censored and I have been made to feel like a criminal for having them. Our current government’s behaviour towards the British people has been abysmal during their time in power.

They have neither served nor listened to us on any issue, policy or given us the chance of a referendum or vote on anything and now the very freedoms that we hold dear in our democracy are about to be ripped from our still beating hearts!

The British people are constantly being accused of being apathetic towards voting and taking an interest in government policy making. Can you blame them?

They tried to tell the government they didn’t agree with the war against Saddam. A couple of million people demonstrated and many more supported them. How did the government respond?

They were treated with utter contempt and subsequently ignored.

As it turned out, the people were absolutely correct!

As a consequence of ignoring those “apathetic voters”, we are now living in a completely different world. A world filled with terrorism, extremism and paranoia.

So, I will have my say. I will not be politically correct or bow down to human rights, health & safety, anti racism and the vast conundrum of anti’s, rules, laws, policies and sheer lunacy that has become Great Britain.

If you are offended by any of these themes, I expect you to press the “go to the next blog” button and leave me in peace. This is MY soap box, my piece of sanity. If you stumble accidentally and decide to stay, then I welcome your comments, whether you agree with me or not.

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  1. I believe our so called democracy is a total farce, the system is rigged and beyond comprehension by the masses and instantly disappears the moment you walk out of the polling station, you then have to wait five years before being given a chance to complain about thousands of failures. Too few people controlling too many.